Our Story

MAD Rewards was born to solve the problem of the prohibitively high cost of developing and managing an effective loyalty program. Today, loyalty programs are primarily financed through the marketing budget of a business, requiring a share of the revenues generated by the business in addition to the cost of resources needed to operate the program. By integrating our services into these programs, MAD Rewards provides additional benefits and services to the enterprise’s customers, thereby enhancing customer loyalty, increasing engagement, and converting these programs into self-funding or profitable functions. Our contribution to loyalty platforms surpasses mere technological support; we deliver a comprehensive range of benefits that are imperative for the successful operation of such programs.

Moreover, and with the current global economic challenges and downturn, there’s never been a better time for value-driven offerings and propositions to consumers. Enterprises today, more than ever, need to provide the best value to their customers if they are to expect loyalty.

Our Team

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with additional offices in Florida, USA, and Bangalore, India, our team comprises a diverse group of professionals with the multi-disciplinary backgrounds required for managing partner relationships, understanding consumer behavior, and delivering the most optimal B2B2C product technology.